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Personal Training

Movement is our Mission! 

Our certified personal trainers are committed to delivering you science-based health and fitness instruction. We offer several options based on your needs.  


Our Individualized Training is designed for you only and is proven to move you to adopt sustainable, healthy behaviors and a more active way of life.  Each personalized workout is 60 minutes long.


Our Small Group Training is designed for adults, families or those without specific athletic goals who are looking to maintain or gain strength in a certain area.  


Our Athlete Development Training is our latest program focused on athletes who are looking to achieve specific athletic goals and skills.  It is led by Cal Krueger, a former 4-year pitcher for the Indiana University baseball team.  

Individualized Training

Single Session

4 Sessions

8 Sessions

4-Week Online Program

Personal Training w/ Russian Stimulation (30 min session)
Athlete Development (45 min Session) & Small Group Training (60 min session)

1 person


2 people


3 people


4 people

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