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Pricing & Schedule

Physical Therapy appointments are reserved in 45-minute and 60-minute increments.

Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation / $85 (60 minutes only)
Physical Therapy Ongoing Treatment / $75 (60 minutes)
Physical Therapy Ongoing Treatment / $55 (45 minutes)
Scraping / Cupping / E-stim / $20 (15 Minutes)

To schedule your appointment, please call Adria Betz at (812) 631-2156 or email at

We want to ensure each individual has his/her needs and goals met instead of allowing insurance companies to make this decision for us. We give one appointment time to only one person instead of several at a time, providing a more comprehensive, educational, and individualistic approach.


FitFuel, LLC is considered out of network with all insurance companies. We will not bill insurance directly; therefore, payment for services are due at each session. We prefer this approach so that there are no limits or caps on services, no need for pre-authorization from insurance, and no need for MD referrals. We believe this method will be able to get you in and out sooner so that you are able to return to your lifestyle efficiently.


  • No co-pay is needed.

  • You can seek reimbursement independently by submitting comprehensive documentation (that your therapist will provide you) to your insurance company. Depending on your deductible, you may qualify for full or partial reimbursement. 

  • This will vary for each insurance company and plan so we highly encourage you to contact your insurance company for the specific details of your plan. Your insurance card will most likely have a phone number available in order to ask for details regarding your plan.

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