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Meet Ashley

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Ashley Downes is the President/Owner of FitFuel Nutrition, Fitness, & Cryotherapy and an IFBB Fitness Pro. She holds a BA in Health and Fitness from Purdue University, and practices as an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Certified NASM Physique and Bodybuilding Coach, and Nutrition Specialist.  Since beginning her career in the fitness industry in 2005, Ashley has acquired additional certifications including Lifestyle and Weight Management, Group Fitness, Sports Conditioning, and Behavior Change Management.  Outside of the gym, Ashley is a wife and mother to three boys and a girl. She is driven to help others find their wellness goals by sharing her passion for health and fitness.


Ashley has always been physically active, and was initially introduced to group fitness and running by her parents at a young age.  She was later inspired by former gymnastics/ cheerleading coaches, and went on to become a 4-year competitive cheerleader at Purdue University, where she furthered her knowledge of weight training and conditioning. Ashley loves a new fitness challenge, and has competed in 70.3 Ironman events, half marathons, and many marathon-distance races.  She has completed 3 World Major Marathons, including qualifying for and running in the Boston Marathon.  Ashley earned her Pro Card in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness in 2021. She plans to continually make improvements to remain competitive in the Professional League and, more importantly, utilize her expertise to coach others!


Ashley knows that CONSISTENCY is the key, and she found her calling to help others find happiness and balance through lifestyle decisions.  Her vision at FitFuel is to provide others with guidance to become their BEST SELF through a three-fold wellness model- Nutrition, Active Lifestyle, and Recovery.  She believes that if something doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.  Challenges, both big and small, are part of how we grow and improve in any aspect of life.  FitFuel has expanded from nutrition coaching services to a full-service health and wellness center.  FitFuel’s focus is to promote healthy living, recovery, and a welcoming environment by working with our premier professionals and utilizing state-of-the-art technology.  Make wellness your mission, and build YOUR healthy lifestyle with Ashley and the FitFuel Team!

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