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Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy services will focus on treating signs/symptoms that you may have, as well as address the root of the cause so the issue does not return.


Services Include:

  • Individualized, hands-on, evidence-based care performed by our licensed PT

  • A custom treatment plan that is specific to your goals

  • Quality time that is not shared with others for one on one attention

  • No limits on frequency or duration of visits

Manual Therapy Options:

  • Scraping - Scraping aids in breaking up scar tissue formation, as well as soft tissue restrictions, in general. By creating small micro tears in the soft tissue, it stimulates the body to bring the blood flow to the area being scraped so the natural healing process can begin. After an acute injury, the goal of scraping is to reduce swelling and pain as well as improve range of motion/flexibility within the structure. With a chronic injury, scraping can help with lingering pain and scar tissue buildup. 

  • Cupping –  Cupping is used to address muscle, skin, or connective tissue problems caused by decreased mobility, including, but not limited to, ITB syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, post-op scar mobilization, muscle aches and stiffness, joint pain and arthritis, headaches, and back pain.  Some purposes include helping with circulation, relieving pain, and supporting immune health.  

  • Electrical Stimulation (E-stim)

    • Various E-stim Procedures include:

      • TENS : Small low-voltage electrical pulses transmitted through adhesive pads on the skin are used to ease both acute and chronic pain.  TENS can help with stimulating nerve cells that help block the transmission of pain signals, as well as help with modifying the perception of pain. 

      • Interferential Therapy: IFT uses low-frequency stimulation to reach deeper structures.  IFT is similar to TENS, but generally more effective and powerful.  

      • Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS/NMES) : EMS uses electrical impulses to elicit muscle contraction.  This can be used for medical purposes such as re-conditioning a muscle/central nervous system after an event (accident, immobility, muscle atrophy, or disease).  EMS can be used recreationally for strengthening muscles, increasing muscle size, improving muscular endurance, and accelerating muscle recovery. 

      • Russian stimulation : This type of e-stim uses electricity to contract muscle tissue if muscles have a difficult time generating a forceful contraction after an injury or surgery.  This can also be used recreationally, like EMS, but with higher frequency wave forms.  This can be used during personal training sessions at FitFuel.  

​If you have questions on whether these are the right therapies to include in your treatment plan, please call or contact us today for more information.


The goal of physical therapy services is to get you back to your typical activities without pain.  By combining PT with the other services offered by FitFuel including personal training, nutrition counseling, cryotherapy, and fitness, you can achieve a more comprehensive healthy lifestyle.

Contact Adria to schedule your appointment today!

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